SEO and PPC are Valuable Digital Tools to create brand awareness

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SEO and Paid Search have unique benefits.

Search Engine Optimization is Designed to Create Organic Traffic

Search engine optimization (SEO) is simply on-page content that is designed to increase visibility to your website in the form of organic traffic. Think about the terms you use on a search engine when you need to find information for doggy day care. The terms that people type into a browser will create search engine results based on the value of content within those websites.

Search terms might include;

  • Dog daycare
  • Pet sitting
  • Pet salon
  • Dog boarding
  • Dog playroom

These are all search terms that a dog-based daycare would need to include in their on-page content to create organic traffic. It takes time to build content around each keyword, and it takes more time to get qualified traffic. However, unique content can be spread across different pages which will increase your website ranking.

Stand-alone pages can be developed for topics such as;

  • Services
  • Reservations
  • Pricing
  • Grooming
  • Boarding
  • Training
  • Behavior Management

Each page on your website should focus on specific keywords to help dog owners find your business.

Each page on your website should focus on specific keywords to help people find your business. Click To Tweet

There is no quick fix for search engine optimization, and generating traffic happens much more slowly than paid advertising. However, if your website ranks well and you frequently add new content that is valuable to users – you will see an uptick in traffic.

You can also benefit from the keyword searches that appear in your analytics package. Keyword search content will help you edit your on-page content and provide new information that people are searching for in their browser. Search terms from analytics can also be used to create social media posts around individual topics.

The goal of your website is to provide the right content to the right users. The greater the content is ranked according to value, the greater your ability to create organic traffic over the long term which will also build credibility.

Search Engine Updates and Algorithms

Search engines like Google, Bing and Ask each have a formula, or algorithm that turns information into useful results for users. Search engine algorithms take into account the value of each page on your website which includes; content, titles, internal and external links, meta tags and reputation.

Search engines (Google, Bing, Ask, etc.) ‘publish’ frequent updates to ensure that websites provide the value that users are searching. However, they don’t publish all the new requirements, and the updates can cause havoc on website traffic.

Pay-Per-Click Advertising

There are a variety of paid advertising platforms to increase awareness and improve your page appearance in search. Pay-per-click advertising (PPC) is available on many platforms. You set a daily budget for your ad to run, and when someone clicks on your ad, the cost of the click is deducted from your budget. PPC can be expensive and requires constant management. You may find that people click on your ad for services you don’t provide such as, behavioral training for dogs. In that case, the words, “behavioral training” are negative keywords, and should be added to your campaign to ensure the ad appears to the right audience. You don’t want to pay for clicks that bring the wrong type of traffic.

PPC does not guarantee first page ranking in search, and if an SEO/Marketing company promises to get you on the first page of Google – walk away. Depending on your industry, your competition, the cost of keywords that you bid, each click can be very costly and quickly eat up your ad budget with little to show for the effort.

Paid Social Media Advertising

Quality SEO_We Wear Blinders
Paid ads can be disrupting.

One of the problems with paid advertising, regardless of the platform is that we use blinders when browsing the internet. How often have you visited a website and were distracted by a dynamic ad?

  • Was the ad distracting?
  • Did you change your screen size to hide the ad?
  • Did you physically cover the ad with your hand so you could read the page content?
  • Were you so annoyed by the distraction that you exited the page?
  • Five minutes later, do you recall the brand name of the distracting ad?
One of the problems with paid advertising, is that we use blinders when browsing the internet. Click To Tweet

That’s the problem with paid advertising. It’s like a TV commercial, and we consider it to be interruptive. How many times do you mute the TV during commercials, and scroll through your cell phone or tablet? We have learned to ignore paid advertising, just as we tune out commercials.

Social media brands have sophisticated advertising platforms, and they function similar to Pay-per-click advertising on Google.

  • Facebook will send frequent notifications that you can reach (x) number of people if you just click the Promote button and spend ($ Unfortunately Facebook uses algorithms and they decide who gets to see your posts. If you have a business page, it may be difficult to gain followers unless you Pay to Play.
  • Twitter offers three types of advertising in the form of; Promoted Tweets, Promoted Accounts, and Promoted Trends.
  • Snapchat has an incredible advertising platform and the unique ability for viewers to watch vertical video.
  • Pinterest advertising is similar in that users can Promote a pin, select their audience and offers budget control along with tracking tools to manage your campaign.
  • YouTube offers two types of advertising. Pre-roll video ads appear before you can watch a video. They also have video ads that play beside videos in the user search result.

These channels provide tools to help users select the right segment based on the location of your choosing that meet the requirements of the demographic you are trying to reach. They also provide dashboards for campaign development, budget control, and the ability to test and measure your ads to continually improve the message, and audience reach.

Use Social Media Posts to Solve Problems By Offering a Solution

If anything will grab your attention, it is information about a solution to your problem. Nailing down the exact content to include in the ad may include several evolutions and it is important to test ads to see what causes people to respond with a click. It is also important to remember that search engine optimization to increase organic traffic is a marathon, not a sprint – and PPC is the short game.

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