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Your Website is Valuable Online Real Estate

If you were to compare real estate to the internet, the land owners are the search engines, and we pay rent to host and promote our products and services. In this form of virtual real estate, companies must continually prove their worth through ongoing search engine optimization (SEO) and search engine marketing (SEM).  For your website to create value in the form of search results, you pay for maintenance for in the form ‘landscaping,’ otherwise known as website optimization so that search engines and web crawlers can rank your company.

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SEO adds value to websites which helps improve organic traffic.

Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing Require Long-Term Commitment

There is a difference between SEO and SEM, and both strategies create value in your online presence and branding. The goal of SEO is to increase visibility with search engines. Search engine optimization is designed to improve search rankings and to generate non-paid traffic to your website. SEM can be executed as part of a paid search strategy, and also function as an integrated social media strategy to create organic traffic.

SEO and SEM are never ‘one and done.’ If a company offers a free analysis of your website, and a pre-packaged SEO strategy, you may see a short-term benefit to increased traffic. However, to sustain the level of traffic and lead generation requires an ongoing commitment. Both strategies require updates to your website, and your marketing content, otherwise search engines will rate your content as stale and lower your ranking.

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Targeted Search Engine Marketing,  Pay-Per-Click and Display Advertising

Google offers three ways to develop ad campaigns based on your goals and bidding strategy. Focus on keywords used in the SEO and SEM strategy and integrate them into your advertising strategy.

  1. Focus on clicks. Search engine marketing is a pay-per-click (PPC) strategy targeted to a specific audience. Ad spend is easily managed by assigning a click-spend amount based on a specific time period. The amount you decide to spend on PPC will depend on the keyword or phrase you select. A high-volume, low competition word will cost less than a high-volume, competitive keyword. The PPC ad results that appear in Search Engine Page Results (SERP) are typically those with high-volume search, are highly competitive, and have high bid values. The ad will appear at the top of search results, and the company pays on a per click basis. Whether you have a new website or have been around for a while, PPC advertising can help search engines deliver the right prospects to your website.
  2. Focus on brand awareness. Display advertising is a less expensive method of advertising and is a good way to deliver your brand to a large audience. The cost is based on impression spend and is called Visible Cost Per Thousand (vCPM). You pay for every 1,000 impressions or times your display ad appears.
  3. Focus on action. Conversion tracking uses Cost-per-Acquisition (CPA) which measures clicks that lead to meaningful action.
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Search Engine Results Are Based on the Value of a Keyword Search or Phrase

Search engine results pages is the result of an online search, using specific words or phrases, also known as keywords. SERP returns content to the user, based on the value of the search terms, and the value or rank assigned to websites. A SERP will return results based on paid advertising, which is listed at the top of the search engine page and organic listings, based on value are shown below. SERP expands the results through an additional top-level browser menu that contains categories for All, News, Images, Videos, Books, and More.

Black Hat Technology Will Damage Your Website

For a company to maintain first-page ranking on search engines, they must do so in a pay-to-play environment, but their website must also provide value. There are hundreds of areas that affect website ranking by search engines, and companies must remain vigilant to these updates and be nimble enough to respond to the changes. Search engines can quickly identify a website that uses keyword stuffing to increase website traffic. They can also identify affiliate links, broken links, tag spamming, and other Black Hat techniques that are designed to increase website traffic. These techniques are short cuts and violate search engine terms and can get your website banned from search engine traffic.

Increase Brand Awareness and Improve Your Website Ranking

Our commitment to our clients is to improve website rankings through quality SEO and SEM, using the latest approved search engine updates. Our goal is to work with you to elevate your brand, ensure you are in the right social media channels and improve the quality of your search engine marketing. If your website traffic has taken a noticeable drop or your website ranking has recently decreased, you may have been impacted by search engine updates, but an honest evaluation of your analytics can help determine the cause.

If you need help with search engine optimization or search engine marketing, contact us.

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