Our marketing services begin with a comprehensive review of your business needs. The review helps us determine your areas of focus,  such as; brand awareness, lead generation, social media, content development and SEO for your website.

There are two very different marketing strategies that work to drive traffic to your website.

Short-Term Marketing Strategy includes pay-per-click (PPC) advertising. This puts your brand at or near the top of search results based on keyword bidding. PPC can be very effective, but it is also expensive.

Long-Term Marketing Strategy includes on-page search engine optimization, and many technical aspects of SEO. When your website content provides complete  and comprehensive information, it will appear in search engine results because the content answers user questions.

Marketing Services

Social Media Posting: We develop social media posts that incorporate your company’s brand voice, to drive traffic back to your site.

Facebook Video Header:  Facebook video headers provide an instant opportunity to tell your story to visitors without scrolling the page to learn more.

Branded Video: Video should tell a story, make an impact and it should be memorable.  We will incorporate your vision into a 30-60 second video that can be posted on your website and shared in your social media channels. (Video can include up to three client images and logo).

Marketing Consultation A 30-minute in-depth consultation to determine and prioritize your marketing needs for web, branding, analytics, lead generation, and search engine optimization. Summary recommendations will follow within 10 business days.

Website and Social Media Review: We analyze your digital marketing channels to ensure consistent messaging, and identify areas to improve content in order to increase awareness, improve functionality, and increase page ranking.

Brand Review: Brand identity includes your reputation, messaging, trustworthiness and loyalty. Our brand review includes all digital channels to ensure consistency and authenticity in your brand.

Analytics Review: Website data and insights can help you learn about your audience, their needs, and the experience your website delivers to users.

Lead Generation: Lead generation should be a carefully managed sales and engagement tool that drives traffic to your website. We will review current marketing tactics and provide additional lead gen strategies to attract the right traffic and improve conversions.

Digital Optimization Strategy: Our goal is to help your business grow through optimized digital content, social media, and lead generation that converts.

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising: Keywords matter, and so does the strategy. Knowing your business, understanding your competitors, and being able to target the right audience are a few of the components necessary to get advertising right on search engines.

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