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How Realtors Use Social Media to Attract Buyers and Sellers

Real estate is a tough industry. Whether the market favors sellers, that can escalate bidding wars, or buyers that make listings disappear like vapor, the place to be – is where they are. You need to be in their space before they even get there. Your online presence in multiple channels will help you gain clients, but only if you are active. Continue reading How Realtors Use Social Media to Attract Buyers and Sellers

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Brand Building Creates Relationships


Name recognition is the one goal that every brand strives to achieve. Brands like Coke, John Deere, Marriott, Google, and Apple are recognized instantly around the world just by their logo. Brand recognition is one of many factors that impact consumer decisions for product consumption. Continue reading Brand Building Creates Relationships

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SEO Creates Value for Your Website

Your Website is Valuable Online Real Estate

If you were to compare real estate to the internet, the land owners are the search engines, and we pay rent to host and promote our products and services. In this form of virtual real estate, companies must continually prove their worth through ongoing search engine optimization (SEO) and search engine marketing (SEM).  For your website to create value in the form of search results, Continue reading SEO Creates Value for Your Website