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Google Featured Snippets Provide Immediate Solutions

Google Featured Snippets appear at the top of search results, based on a user’s question to the search engine. Snippets appear as the Answer Box and include easy to read solutions in the form of bullet points, a paragraph or a numbered list.

Websites that are optimized with long-tail keywords for SEO, and are ranked in Google Top 10, have a higher chance of appearing as a Featured Snippet. Make sure your website provides intentional content that immediately answers a user’s questions.

The goal to appear as Featured Snippets will improve when you offer new content, better structure, and solutions to user questions.

Google Featured Snippets Provide Immediate Solutions

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SEO and PPC are Valuable Digital Tools

Quality SEO_SEO vs Paid Search
SEO and Paid Search have unique benefits.

Search Engine Optimization is Designed to Create Organic Traffic

Search engine optimization (SEO) is simply on-page content that is designed to increase visibility to your website in the form of organic traffic. Think about the terms you use on a search engine when you need to find information for doggy day care. The terms that people type into a browser will create search engine results based on the value of content within those websites. Continue reading SEO and PPC are Valuable Digital Tools

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SEO Creates Value for Your Website

Your Website is Valuable Online Real Estate

If you were to compare real estate to the internet, the land owners are the search engines, and we pay rent to host and promote our products and services. In this form of virtual real estate, companies must continually prove their worth through ongoing search engine optimization (SEO) and search engine marketing (SEM).  For your website to create value in the form of search results, Continue reading SEO Creates Value for Your Website