Top 4 Reasons to Optimize Website Content for Voice Search

Screenless Search Query Results

Voice search has become our very own personalized digital assistant and has made our lives easier. One of the greatest benefits of voice search is that web browsing no longer requires using a screen or typing text onto a device.

There are many good reasons to optimize your website for voice search. The goal of a voice search optimization strategy combined with SEO principles is to generate traffic to your website.

Voice is faster and more efficient than typing text, and mobile users quickly adapted to voice usage, the expectation of voice response, and we trust the results.

We click a button, ask a question on our smart device, and the browser instantly provides a valuable spoken response. Frequently we won’t even need to visit the website unless we need more information.

We have become a society that uses smart devices anywhere, any time, and for any reason. We use voice search to locate a business, hospital, auto repair, dining options, and to get directions. And we even use voice search to ask questions in order to settle a debate. Voice search is incredibly useful and we use it throughout the day.

We have learned to expect that our preferred search engine will also provide the business hours, directions, and a link to the company’s website in the query response. And when your smart device is set up with location tracking, the search engine results will offer businesses ‘near you’ along with a map, distance, news, social media posts, videos, and related searches.

Voice search results are not based on a person’s age, gender, race, income, region, religion, or education. The purpose of voice search is to provide an instant solution to your question, and to provide the most valuable content.

1. Anticipate What Users Need

Driving traffic to your website through voice search begins with knowing how and why people search for content. People intuitively use different types of queries for voice search, and it is important to understand what they need, regardless of search engine or mobile device.

It is important to understand the type of questions people will ask through voice search, and how a search engine will direct them to your site. Whether you own a small boutique, multiple franchise locations, or a dog-grooming business, your website must contain solutions that search engines consider as valuable to the user.

Develop your web content with the right keywords to answer different types of phrases and questions to ensure your site will appear in search results.

Emerging Technology and Local Search

The integration of search engines, along with the growth of smart devices make local search even more relevant because your website must provide the right solution.

The goal of Local Search is to optimize your website so people in your community can easily find your business and learn more about your brand offering. Local Search is much more than just your brand name, address, and phone. Optimizing your website benefits your brand by providing valuable content, relevance, and authority to prospects and customers.

Emerging technologies continue to provide the best results through integrated platforms. Our mobile devices are easily connected to Smart Speakers, and we can complete tasks through voice commands. We can tell a Smart Speaker to turn on the lights, skip a song, save a grocery list, and even set the home alarm.

Google My Business

Take advantage of free marketing platforms such as Google My Business (GMB). The GMB platform is beneficial for Local Search because your business is included in Map Searches. GMB is free and is a great way to expand your brand’s digital footprint through fresh and relevant content. Your brand can earn trust over time, increase engagement, increase traffic, and elevate your business through customer reviews.

2. Types of User Intent and Natural Language

You must understand what your customers need, and how they will ask questions. As a business owner you must include the answers within your website. There are a number of different ways people use voice search, and you’ll need to optimize your site accordingly.

User Intent is a person’s goal to find the right solution based on their context and question. Your content should answer the question.

People will use different terminology in their search for solutions, so it is important to optimize your content to provide more depth. In other words, speak the same language as people that visit your site. A person that uses voice search to find a local fire station does not necessarily have a fire emergency, and that is why context is important.

If your expertise is in the commercial glass industry, include additional terms that people might use such as, ‘auto glass repair, ‘auto glass replace,’ ‘auto glass insurance repair,’ and ‘auto glass insurance claim’.

Semantic Search is a string of conversational words that a search engine quickly evaluates to determines user intent and meaning.

For example, search results for ‘glass repair’ may offer Related Topics such as

  • ‘glass repair + your city’
  • ‘glass repair near me’
  • options for ‘glass repair liquid’
  • ‘glass repair glue’ and
  • ‘glass repair shop’

When your website contains the information that people are searching for, search engines will begin to deliver your site in search results, and that’s one way to rise above the competition.

3. Optimize for SEO

When you think about optimizing your content, really consider drilling into what you have versus what your customers need.

Be precise.

Precision content is developed over time, just like precision flying.
Precision, expertise, and authority take time to develop.

As you develop content for your website, think about it from more than one perspective. You don’t need to be an SEO expert, or even hire one, but you do need to think like a search engine.

Review your website analytics and the keywords that people use to locate your business.

Then, think like a customer.

How would a customer ask a question about your product or services? What questions do people ask when they call your business? You might discover through your research that your website is missing some pretty basic, but vital information.

Mobile Must Be Fast

Another area to consider includes making sure that your mobile site loads quickly. You can do this by reducing image size, and the number of internal redirects.

Don’t make your website ‘think’, make it fast. Your content should demonstrate your industry expertise, and visitors should not be distracted by other content.

People will not wait for a website to load, so ensure your content loads quickly. Believe it or not, the use of custom fonts can slow down your website. Custom fonts might look great in print but it is better to use an easy-to-read font throughout your site.

Google has other web tools that can accelerate your website’s response.

4. Your Website Must Offer Real Solutions

Your website must include basic information that people are searching for. Whether you want to include your address, phone, and email in the footer section, or the About Us section, make sure the information is easy to locate.

Search engines evaluate content based on the ability to provide the right information to the right user. So, your content should be results focused to deliver the right solution.

Build authority around your brand’s expertise. If you own an auto-body shop you can create a variety of digital content, including video to demonstrate your expertise, and set your business apart from competitors. The same is true for bakeries, dry cleaners, and all other businesses. When your content is authoritative, provides real solutions, and value, then search engines will share that information in search results.

Search engine algorithms change hundreds of times per year and keeping up with those changes is difficult. When your website provides valuable content, you don’t need to worry too much about the algorithm. Focus on your content by offering expertise, authority, and value.

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