Video Library

People watch video to learn something or to be entertained. Nearly 70% of all web traffic is video consumption, so make sure that your small business has a voice in the video space.

We can help promote your products and services with video. See our Services page for costs and details to create custom video. This is a very affordable marketing option for small business.

Online Reviews Affect Your Reputation

Online reviews can have positive and negative impacts on small business. It is difficult to control negative reviews posted by people that have never interacted with your company. Monitor review websites and respond quickly to all reviews. Customers will appreciate that you heard their complaint and are responding. Unfortunately, there isn’t much you can do about fake customers or fake reviews.

Use Local Marketing to Improve Traffic to Your Small Business

Search engines allow businesses to create online directories which helps people find your company at the local level. Use keywords to differentiate your business from local competition. Use video to stand out in a crowded marketplace. Social media channels and hashtags can be used to connect with your audience and grow your business.

Lead Generation to Grow Small Business

Lead generation for small business includes multiple channels to expand your online presence. Your website, email, social media, and online directories can contribute to growth by increasing awareness. The purpose of lead generation is to connect with prospects and convert them to qualified leads. Offer content that is interesting and relevant in the form of podcasts, newsletters, white papers, blog posts, ebooks and video.

Job Search Candidate Video for Michelle Orelup

Michelle wanted a short video to demonstrate her marketing expertise to use as a tool for recruiting agencies and hiring managers. Michelle’s background includes strategic marketing for B2C and B2B companies in both online and offline channels. Her experience includes; CRM management, email marketing, lead generation, content marketing, campaign management, SEO and social media.

How to Brand and Grow Social Media Channels

Starting a new social media channel for your small business doesn’t have to be nerve wracking. Watch this short video for easy to follow tips on how to brand and grow your new channels.

Affordable Video Marketing For Home Town Bakeries and Other Small Businesses

Custom video content is great for small business because it’s affordable, and video is an easy format to share on social media. Your customers love it when you show that you care about them, and using video as a ‘sneak peek’ is a great way to generate excitement.

Wellness 4 Warriors 3rd Annual Wellness Expo

We created this promotional video for Wellness 4 Warriors to support their 3rd Annual Wellness Expo in San Antonio. Video is a great way to promote events and educate viewers at the local and national level. Video is also a great tool for fundraisers.

Thanks for watching our videos. If you would like a custom video for your small business, please contact us.