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The Benefits of Branded Video Content

Video marketing converts at a much higher rate than all other types of media because the content answers user questions and can reduce the need for other types of search and research. Video marketing is effective for communicating brand stories to increase awareness, announce the launch of new products and service offerings, promote tutorials, improve user engagement and generate conversions.

The Top 4 Reasons to Optimize Your Website for Voice Search

Voice search has changed the way users interact with the internet, and your content. Voice search has eliminated the need for screens (PC, tablet, and mobile), and your content must be able to answer voice queries.

Brand Storytelling Through Video

Branded video marketing can increase lead generation at a higher rate than any other channel because people remember video content but tend to forget commercials. Video marketing is an affordable and effective way to demonstrate how your brand can solve problems in unique ways.

Any Shale. Any Well. Any Zone.

Our client needed unique digital content to create brand awareness at their first oil and gas trade show. The SaaS solution is highly technical and we simplified the features and benefits into a memorable format. We developed the video and the company tag line, “Any Shale. Any Well. Any Zone” with the goal of stopping traffic at the booth and to generate conversations about the SaaS solution.

Essential SEO Tools to Build a New Website

Building a new website for a small business can be intimidating, but it’s not that difficult. Follow these steps to ensure you have the right tools in place for a successful website launch.

10 Reasons Bloggers Should Use Video Marketing

Video marketing content can increase leads by 39% when viewed by a decision maker, and it’s important for bloggers and small business owners to incorporate video marketing to build brand awareness.

Facebook Marketing Strategies for Small Business Owners

Only 4 out of 16 million business pages on Facebook use Facebook to promote their business. That means the 85% of business owners that are not using Facebook to market their products and services have a tremendous opportunity for growth. Facebook has 1.8 million users, and some of them are looking the products and services that you offer.

Marketing Solutions For Small Business

The demands of running a small business can be overwhelming. From managing inventory, hiring, retention, product quality and excellent service, it’s hard to squeeze marketing into your day. Your business demands balance, and we can help you create a marketing solution drive traffic to your store.

Google Featured Snippets Provide Immediate Solutions

People that type questions into a browser are looking for an answer, or a solution. Google’s Featured Snippets improve the odds for your web content to be seen, when your content answers the user query.

Instagram’s Paid Partnership Feature Spotlights Endorsed Content

Instagram has created a tool to identify sponsored content when it is endorsed by a paid Influencer. Hashtags such as #sponsored, #ad, and #sp have been replaced by a sub-header under the profile name that identifies the post as a Paid Partnership.

Online Reviews Can Affect Your Brand’s Reputation

Online reviews can have positive and negative impacts on small business. It can be difficult to control negative reviews posted by people that have never interacted with your company. Monitor  website reviews, both on your website and sites like Yelp,  and respond quickly to all reviews. Customers appreciate when you listen to their complaint and are quick to resolve the issue.

Local Marketing Can Improve Traffic to Your Small Business

Search engines allow businesses to create online directories which helps people find your company at the local level. Use keywords to differentiate your business from local competition. Use video to stand out in a crowded marketplace. Social media channels and hashtags can be used to connect with your audience and grow your business.

Incorporate Lead Generation to Grow a Small Business

Lead generation can include multiple channels to expand the online presence of your small business. Your website, email, social media, and online directories all contribute to brand awareness. The purpose of lead generation is to connect with prospects and convert them to qualified leads. When you offer marketing content that is interesting and relevant in the form of podcasts, newsletters, white papers, blog posts, ebooks and video, you will draw the right type of customer to your store.

How to Use Social Media and Branding to Grow a Small Business

Starting a new social media channel for your small business doesn’t have to be nerve wracking. Watch this short video for easy to follow tips on how to brand and grow your new channels.

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Branded video content is a low-cost and effective method for creating brand awareness and generating interest in your brand’s unique solutions.

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